Vettakkorumakan Temple, Nilambur


Vettakkoru Makan is a Hindu deity worshipped in parts of North Kerala and North-Western Tamil Nadu. This deity is alternately referred as Kiratha-Sunu (son of Kirata) in Sanskrit. Vettakkorumakan is believed to be the son of Lord Shiva by his consort Parvathi, born when he assumed the form of a Kirata (hunter) to deliver a weapon known as Pashupathasthra to Arjuna. He is mostly and exclusively worshipped in Malabar region of Kerala. The most famous temple of this deity is the Balussery-Kotta Vettakkorumakan temple about 25 km from Calicut. This was once the fort of the Rajas of Kurumbranad. Other prominent temples are at Ramanthali, Nileshwar, Kottakkal, Nilambur, Karaparamba and various places in Kannur district and Kasargod district. He is the family deity of the Rajas of Chirakkal, Nileshwar, Kottakkal, Nilambur Kovilakam, Kalathil Kartha’s , Aluva, Amarambalam Kovilakam and Randu Illam Vargam Nambiars. Those families among the erstwhile nobility of Malabar who have Vettakkorumakan as their family deity are connected in one way or other incidentally to either Balussery Fort or Kurumbranad.

Nearest Airport: Calicut International Airport (35 Km)

Nearest Railway Station: Nilambur (4 Km)


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